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Latest News

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  • Our next Open Day is on Thursday 10th October 2019 at 9.30am

    Published 08/07/19

    If you would like to register your interest, please contact Admissions on 0208 989 4700.

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  • Congratulations on our 11+ entry exam results

    Published 22/03/19

    Results 2018/19 for individual schools are set out below

    Out of a total of 13 girls who applied to independent schools, I am delighted to announce that all girls  received firm offers of places at one or more of these schools. I am also delighted to announce that 10 girls sat 11+ entry exams for Grammar School, including Woodford County High School and the CSSE Consortium Grammar Schools and 7 offers were made across these schools.


    7 girls sat

    6 places offered, including one Academic award


    4 girls sat

    3 places offered


    4 girls sat

    1 place offered

    St Edmund's College

    4 girls applied

    3 places offered, two of which were Academic Scholarships

    Solihull Independent School

    1 girl sat

    1 place offered

    Park School for Girls

    2 girls sat

    1 place offered


    1 girl sat

    1 place offered


    Grammar Schools

    Woodford County High – 7 girls sat, 5 places offered

    Colchester County High School (CSSE Consortium) – 2 girls sat, 1 place offered

    St Bernard’s High School (CSSE Consortium) – 1 girl sat, 1 place offered


    State & Voluntary Aided Secondary Schools

    Trinity High School (Catholic)      2 places offered

    Lammas                                                    1 place offered

    Leytonstone High School               1 place offered

    Beal High School                                1 place offered

    Seven Kings High School                1 place offered

    Wanstead High School                    1 place offered


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  • WOW and CONGRATULATIONS to Nursery and Infants 1

    Published 28/06/19

    Our Nursery and Infants 1 children entered the Young Writers competition where they had to learn to write a Riddle! This they did as part of their learning last term. They then submitted these poems to the competition.

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  • Healthy Living Week - Wake Up Shake Up

    Published 24/06/19

    What a glorious start to the week!

    On Monday, we opened the week with our first ever 'Wake Up Shake Up'.  Smiles and laughter rang around the playground and that was just from the 'brave parents' who stayed and joined us.  Thank you.  The feel good factor from all those happily released endorphins set the positive tone for the day.  

    As one parent reported, "if this was a prescription drug, it would be all over the papers" - Exercise is so good for you!

    On Tuesday, our day started with 'Wake Up Shake Up'.  We were delighted to see the girls (and parents) run enthusiastically into school, to begin the day!  The teachers had a huge spring in their step and within seconds everyone was bouncing around the playground, dancing  to the cha cha slide and YMCA.  There was a real 'feel good' factor amongst everyone.    The girls were visited by a Dental Nurse, who gave them oral health advice and good teeth brushing habits.

    On Wednesday, everyone met at Ashton Playing Fields for our Sports Day.  Despite the cloudy start, the atmosphere was hot!  The girls performed so well, the teachers joined in many of the races to encourage and support the girls, and the parents were extremely competitive in their races, which we did for the first time.  It was the best ever Sports Day!  

    We were delighted to receive such positive feedback ..................

    'Congrats on a really fun sports day!'

    'Just wanted to say how much fun we all had at Sports Day this year!!  All of the girls and the parents had an amazing time - thank you to all of the teachers and helpers who made it possible!!!!'

    'Dear Mrs Birtles and all the staff,  Thank you for a most enjoyable Sports Day. There was a really fun atmosphere and it was good to see the staff running alongside and encouraging the girls. We enjoyed the parents’ race too - good for the girls to see a team spirit with their parents running full laps of the track rather than a quick sprint, and it made the finish all the more exciting!'

    'Dear Mrs Birtles, Just wanted to say what a wonderful sports day we had. It was the best we have had in my 5 years at school.'

    What a fantastically fun-filled and brilliant week!!! The girls have learnt such a lot and got so much out of all the rich experiences you’ve worked so hard to give them.  Thank you all so much for the amazing energy you so generously bring to work to benefit our children. We are so in love with St Joseph’s!


    On Thursday, we were lucky enough to have an Olympian athlete visit the school.  She enthused and educated the girls on resilience, competition, healthy living and stamina!  Each of the classes also experienced some fitness and exercise tactics in the playground.



    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Healthy Week runs from Monday 24th to Friday 28th June 2019.  We will be having a selection of visitors coming into school to talk to the girls about different aspects of leading a healthy life.

    We look forward to welcoming:-

    A GB athlete to talk about resilience, training, attitudes, competitiveness and daily food diet

    A nutritionalist to talk about healthy eating

    A dentist to advise on good oral health habits

    A doctor to advise on healthy bodies

    Girls should wear their PE kit each day as we will start each day with, ‘Wake Up Shake Up’ on the playground.  Parents are very welcome (and encouraged) to join us at 8.50am each morning!  PE kits will be sent home on the Friday evening prior.

    Remember to bring in your most healthiest of packed lunches - why not try fruit kebabs, crudites and hummus, yummy pasta salads.

    We would also like to encourage everyone to walk, cycle or scoot to school this week.

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  • May Procession - Crowning of our Lady

    Published 24/05/19

    What a glorious day we had to celebrate Our Lady. Thank you to everyone who donated flowers. They made the hall and playground beautiful. The girls were delightful and the whole event was prayerful and reverent.

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  • Historic Event - Tate Gallery Photograph Prep 1

    Published 21/05/19

    Please enter an introduction for your news story here.

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  • Nursery and Infants 1 visit to the Woodford Fire Station

    Published 08/04/19

    On Monday 1st May we visited the fire station.

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  • Dr Maureen Glackin, General Secretary, Catholic Independent Schools' Conference visits our school

    Published 29/03/19

    Special Visitor on Wednesday 27th March 2019 - Dr Maureen Glackin, General Secretary, Catholic Independent Schools' Conference

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  • Come and join our school

    Published 14/03/19

    Please contact the Admissions Officer on 0208 989 4700 to book a place.

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  • National Science Week

    Published 05/03/19

    To celebrate National Science Week .....

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  • World Book Day - Thursday 7th March 2019

    Published 05/03/19

    Celebrating World Book Day on Thursday 7th March 2019

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  • Prep 4 Residential to PGL Liddington

    Published 14/02/19

    We have been blessed with the sunny weather this week, which has made the Prep 4 trip to PGL in Liddington all the more enjoyable.  

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