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National Science Week

To celebrate National Science Week .....

We have had a fantastic week filled with lots of science led activities. The girls and staff especially enjoyed the Science Day where we had all researched someone from varying fields of science pre 2019 and current. We welcomed astronauts, botanists, microbiologists, chemists, marine, engineers, physicists; ordinary people who have become extraordinary. The girls as always enthusiastically entered into the excitement of the whole day and enjoyed the varied and challenging experiments, which were on offer in the different classrooms. Presentations and reports were written and the disappointment when the day ended was palpable with most girls reporting they wished to stay at school!    

A hugely successful day, which we will be repeating.

Thank you to all the parents for your support and the wonderful costumes and accessories. I know how many of you enjoyed it too.


I would like to share some quotes from our Prep 1 children, who certainly embraced their experience!     Photos are available on our website under ‘News & Events’ ‘Photo Gallery’!

‘I just didn’t want to go home’ – Tiana

‘I like the amazing experiments, especially flying the plane we made’ – Jamie

I loved science day because we got to do fun experiments and had fun with teachers - Zahra

It was so much fun! I learnt a lot, my favourite was making origami paper aeroplanes.  I loved learning cool, new experiments.  It was fab - Maria

Yesterday was fantastic.  All the experiments inspired me.  The scientific experiments were phenomenal and I learnt loads.  A big thank you to all the teachers.  Maya

Yesterday was fun and I loved the activities.  My favourite one was the egg experiment.  I wish we had them every year.  A huge thank you for all the teachers who put it together - Nana