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Congratulations on our 11+ entry exam results

Results 2018/19 for individual schools are set out below

Out of a total of 13 girls who applied to independent schools, I am delighted to announce that all girls  received firm offers of places at one or more of these schools. I am also delighted to announce that 10 girls sat 11+ entry exams for Grammar School, including Woodford County High School and the CSSE Consortium Grammar Schools and 7 offers were made across these schools.


7 girls sat

6 places offered, including one Academic award


4 girls sat

3 places offered


4 girls sat

1 place offered

St Edmund's College

4 girls applied

3 places offered, two of which were Academic Scholarships

Solihull Independent School

1 girl sat

1 place offered

Park School for Girls

2 girls sat

1 place offered


1 girl sat

1 place offered


Grammar Schools

Woodford County High – 7 girls sat, 5 places offered

Colchester County High School (CSSE Consortium) – 2 girls sat, 1 place offered

St Bernard’s High School (CSSE Consortium) – 1 girl sat, 1 place offered


State & Voluntary Aided Secondary Schools

Trinity High School (Catholic)      2 places offered

Lammas                                                    1 place offered

Leytonstone High School               1 place offered

Beal High School                                1 place offered

Seven Kings High School                1 place offered

Wanstead High School                    1 place offered