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Celebrating Book Week

This week has truly been a celebration of the joy of reading. 

The week was launched with an assembly, which many of our parents attended. The assembly reminded us that reading is the most enjoyable gift that we are taught and we should relish every opportunity to snuggle down and devour a book. The children enjoyed reading books in our first ‘Big Read’ in which we all had some time to read our favourite books whilst sitting on some comfy cushions in the hall. Throughout the week, we have journeyed through the ocean with a plastic bag called Stanley and we have deepened our understanding of the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling plastic waste. The girls wrote stories demonstrating the negative impact we have on marine life when we simply discard plastic. We then used our old plastic bags to make some truly inspirational pieces of art and jewellery. On Thursday, people were greeted by Gangsta Granny at the gate and kindly donated some money in order to come to school dressed in some colourful and ingenuous costumes. You all looked amazing! With the donations, we plan to adopt a sea turtle and we thank you for your generous contributions. A highlight of the week has definitely been starting each morning with a different story in the hall allowing us to be transported all over the world.