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Art and Design provision in the school is incorporated within core subjects such as History and Geography and Literacy topics and texts. The integration of reading and writing into a visual arts curriculum can strengthen literacy skills as well as foster creative thinking.

Children will be encouraged to explore and create using various forms of media such as drawing, painting and 3D modelling. Each child will learn and use specific techniques and skills, both within lesson time and in ‘no pen’ homework tasks.

In Early Years the children will be encouraged to create painted portraits, collage pieces and use different media to create seasonal cards. They will be exploring and familiarising themselves with different ways to mark make and be creative using their knowledge of colour and of the world around them.

In key stage 1 the children will explore 3D art through junk modelling and clay and will create drawings to support their writing using real life objects. They will produce paintings and collages linked to class topics.

In key stage 2 each child will be given a sketchbook. They will be encouraged to record visual ideas, experiment and make notes independently. The children will learn about influential artists and designers, their lives and inspiration. 

Class groups will work together on creative design projects and will be asked to produce ideas and finished pieces for posters, book covers stamps and 3D models. We will also explore portraits and still life.