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Physical Education

We believe that PE is for ALL.  Children quite naturally participate in physical exercise for its intrinsic pleasure and through a good PE curriculum, this enthusiasm can be built upon and it can contribute not only to a child's physical development, but also their emotional, social and intellectual development.  If a child has positive feelings about physical exercise, this will hopefully carry on into their adult life and may affect their overall self-confidence.  At St Joseph's, we recognise this and want children to reach their full potential and feel positive about PE.

Aims of PE at St Joseph's Convent School

Develop - Develop physical co-ordination and competence

Benefits - be aware of the physical and psychological benefits of exercise promoting a positive attitude to PE

Appreciation - Develop artistic and aesthetic appreciation of movement through observation, participation and evaluation.

Potential - to reach their full potential regardless of their gender, race, cultural background or physical ability.

Social - Develop socially through co-operation and competition between other individuals and groups, encouraging a sense of fair play and sportsmanship.

Safety - be aware of safe practice for the protection of themselves and others.

Personal Evaluation - the ability to plan, develop, perform and evaluate their own work.

Fun - to enjoy physical activity.