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Prep 4 PGL Trip to Liddington - February 2020

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13th February Day 3 

A light drizzle welcomed the start of the day and all the girls were a little quieter initially as all the exertions of the week begin to take their toll. Breakfast was delicious as always and the choices please everyone. Jorge our leader always makes a large batch of toast to accompany whatever we are having. 

After breakfast and quick room stop for some who hadn’t managed to brush their hair or gather their thoughts we headed out to abseiling and Jacobs ladder.  

Walking backwards off the abseiling was the most daunting part for some but courage and encouragement prevailed. Jacobs’s ladder however, proved very challenging and upper body strength is required, acrobatic skills were a plus along with team work and courage.  The girls are amazed at the new talents and personality traits they have discovered within themselves and each other. They are now viewing many of their peers with a new found admiration. 

Lunch came around very quickly – amazing how time flies when you are having so much fun! They are all amused at how much they are eating but fresh air and hard work of a physical nature play a part. Refuelled, rested and warmed up we were ready to face the afternoon challenges. 

Buggy Building was awesome. Learning to tie a variety of knots, carry wood and barrels and rope them all together using the new skills was highly satisfying and team work really shone through. More exciting was putting in seats and foot rest followed by seat belts! We then got to drive them. WOW! We were like Celts riding through the field.  We made sure we didn’t run over Jeff the worm. Mrs Birtles would like one as a headteacher mobile. It was carbon neutral but does require some of us to pull it. We went surprisingly quickly – land speed record next for St Joseph’s. All nicely muddy from our exploits we played some games and then had to undo our handy work ready for the next group. We loved this activity. Next came the big swing? 

We are all now pros at doing harnesses both bottom and top ones……… well perhaps we do still need a bit of Mum strength from Mrs Ayling and Birtles. Their muscles are impressive! 

In pairs we sat in the swing and were pulled to one of two heights of our choice. The girls hauled the rope to pull each pair up. Great team work but it really paid off when the pair on the swing released it and it swung down. The screams were deafening and the faces we all pulled priceless. The good news was that everyone’s lunch stayed put! The exhilaration experienced by all was fabulous.  

Muddy and delighted with our exploits we headed back for dinner and clean clothes.  

Lots of us don’t want to come home and are sad to be leaving tomorrow.  

Exciting, happy, terrifying and would do it all again but best of all exhilarating. 

Tiring, exhausting and adventurous. 

St Joseph’s have been awesome and all the instructors have loved working with them. 

St Joseph’s have been my favourite group and brilliant. 

Off now for our campfire, sing song and dancing to round off a wonderful day. 

Liddington we are sorry to say goodbye but thank you for everything. 

PS: Congratulations to Nevaeh and Jazz who achieved bullseyes at Archery yesterday, but was not shared until this morning. 




Wednesday 12th February 2020 

Day 2

Last night was Sports Night. It was good fun and the girls really enjoyed the giant noughts and crosses, which went down a storm and the catwalk to name but a few. Who knew we had so many catwalk models and talented actors! They also know a huge amount of jokes and riddles which are often required as forfeits. The flirty cow is our current favourite. 

A good night’s sleep was had by all and 7.20am breakfast with everyone all ready and dressed for action is going well.  

The sun shone again on Liddington and melted the ice, which we are growing increasingly immune to. Mrs Ayling even has a few freckles! Lots of chat and laughter can be heard throughout the day as well as the, repeat after me songs they are learning and chanting. 

Team work was the order of the day and listening and taking on-board instructions as well as trying out various methods offered by their peers to solve the given problems. This proved surprisingly challenging for them but gradually they got to grips with what was expected and were rewarded with success. Reflecting on their learning after each event has proved really beneficial and some lovely leadership qualities are blossoming. Having a sense of humour and fun is really paying dividends. Seeing the girls relax and enjoy the variety of experiences is what it is all about. 

The zip wire was hugely anticipated and did not disappoint. Harnessed and prepped they ascended the tower stairs individually. Here they were attached to the zip wire itself and then invited to throw themselves off or ask to be serenaded off with a song by the PGL leader! The screams of delight as we sailed through the air and took in the view were priceless. Dropping your rope, hanging like an angel, flip, flopping your locks and pulling the penguins beak eventually delivered you back to earth. Phew! 

The morning flew by and lunch was a chance to refuel, catch up with the others and then head out again to crate stacking and archery. Semonne was the only one to hit the bullseye –congratulations- a budding archer! Whilst waiting for your groups turn, games of it and bulldog kept everyone busy as well as reminiscing through the Robin Hood songs from yester year. Crate stacking was great fun with the highest achieved being 11 working with your designated pair at the time. Next they were invited to launch themselves into the air and proceed to kick the stack down. We were rewarded with being told we were a delightful group and had made the PGL member of staff laugh uproariously as well as being marvellous team players. Clearly the mission of the day was achieved and we all marched home weary, ready for dinner, the sweet shop and glowing with success. 

Fish fingers, chips and beans were one of the many dinner offerings followed up with a lemon sponge. This hit the spot. However, the girls all had room for sweets! The sugar was then burnt off playing night time, Ambush! Hide and Seek in the dark. What is there not to love about that? 

Glowing from the chasing around, pyjamas, hot chocolate and a biscuit and then into bed finished the day. No snoring has currently been heard…….. but lots of contented and sleeping girls are dreaming of flying along a zip wire. 

Good night and God Bless from Liddington.     






Day 1 – 11 February 

The sun shone, the skies were blue and the girls all undertook several new challenges. Some were successful first time, others dug deep and proved successful with a second attempt – surprised and delighted themselves.  

Climbing, singing, chanting, running, fetching, pulling, locking and navigating were lots of the skills required. Dressing appropriately, however, proved the most difficult for some! Keeping warm is a challenge for all.  

All have devoured increasing quantities of food, with hot drinks being sought and trialled for the first time.  

Everyone slept soundly, although snoring from some (not the staff) kept some awake longer than they would have liked. Mrs Ayling was thrilled to sleep the whole night through, so was particularly wide eyed and bushy tailed this morning. 

First room inspection uncovered budding interior designers and some who believe offering bribes would assist. This clearly didn’t work. The first winners were the Emoji Squad! Well done! 

Off now for Sports Night with Pele and Jorge. 

Good night from Liddington.